Kendra Lorrimor

Diviner and Reluctant Companion


Born 9 Gozran, 4689 (aged 22) to Professor Petros Lorrimor and Madame Zeldana Mircalla Lorrimor (née LeFey), Kendra Aedryn Lorrimor is the only child of Petros Lorrimor and his wife Zeldana– though it’s unknown whether Zeldana, after leaving her husband and daughter, remarried and had other children.

Kendra was raised in a myriad of places. Several of her formative years were split between traveling the Inner Sea region and residing in Lepidstadt. When she was seven her family moved to Ravengro. Zeldana attributed Kendra’s growing shyness to the xenophobia of Ravengro. In truth it wasn’t just Kendra’s treatment as an outsider which created distance and awkwardness between her and the villagers; her curiosity was viewed with suspicion, her love of reading fostered no commonalities between herself and the farmers of the area, and her burgeoning gift as a dreamer marked her as strange by the village children.

Around the age of six Kendra began to have lucid dreams and nightmares which grew in frequency until she turned eight, at which point she had as many as nine dreams a month. Her screams would often rend the night and wake her parents, and the two took turns (as much as they could) calming her down and lulling her back to sleep. Kendra has fond memories of her mother holding her close and singing Varisian songs and epics to her, and on occasion Kendra would sing along. Zeldana used to sing of the Sisters of Gallay, Anouk the Catcher of Stars, and Viorci the Courageous. Bahndann-Rouk was one of Kendra’s favorite epics, and on occasion Zeldana would sing parts of it for her.

It was because of Bahndann-Rouk that Zeldana learned of her daughter’s gift and affinity for divination, as Zeldana noticed similarities between her daughter and Rouk; though her suspicions weren’t confirmed until Kendra predicted the death of a village boy by drowning. At that point, Zeldana took some precautions for Kendra; she placed fresh spruce twigs above the girl’s windows and door, burned incense in her room biweekly, began will training Kendra, and ferreted away her Harrow deck. She also encouraged Kendra to record her dreams no matter how outlandish they seemed. While Kendra didn’t understand her mother’s behavior she went along with it and assisted with the rituals, even continuing them after Zeldana left.

Despite everything, Zeldana left Petros and Kendra when Kendra was ten. In the year which followed, Kendra was often distracted by wayward thoughts and sadness over her mother’s betrayal. She often blamed herself and wondered why Zeldana hadn’t taken her along, though as she grew older she began to realize that perhaps it was best she’d stayed in Ravengro where things were (generally) safe and where she had the opportunity to achieve a life doing more than most could ever dream of.

Professor Lorrimor was never told about Kendra’s gift, and for her part she never mentioned it. To Kendra, the dreams were more real and more frightening than any of the monsters Petros ever spoke of, and a considerable part of her believed that if she ignored them they would go away. After her mother left, Kendra actively worked to forget her dreams and she stopped recording all but the most obvious or disturbing in her journals. Zeldana’s absence was felt most keenly on the nights when Kendra would wake alone, her father out of town, after a particularly bad dream. On those nights Kendra would do what she and her mother did. She would sit before the fire in the study and sing Varisian songs, though she kept herself from singing the Epic of Bahndann-Rouk. After years of suppressing her dreams Kendra now finds it difficult to remember them when they occur.

Petros began training Kendra as a diviner, as she showed an affinity for it, when she was eleven in an attempt to keep her mind off of Zeldana’s absence. Kendra excelled at her studies as she enjoyed reading and obsessing over complicated texts and tasks brought her great satisfaction, though she also took solace in the cold logic of the education as it contradicted her superstitions and set her more at ease.

It was at that time that Petros also petitioned for her to join the Lepidstadt swim and dive team. Kendra has many memories of the journeys to Lepidstadt, the dive meets, and her father teaching her proper diving techniques. She knows that the skills weren’t easy for her father to teach her, that the wayward meets and practices were taxing on time, and also that her mother wouldn’t have been able to teach her those skills– as Zeldana herself would often remind Petros, on the hottest summer days, that Varisians can’t swim.

Kendra found her mother’s Harrow deck hidden beneath a floorboard in the attic when she was sixteen and has carried them on her person ever since. She has almost forgiven her mother for leaving, as she’s come to understand some of Zeldana’s reasoning, though she still struggles with some aspects of the woman’s logic. Kendra sometimes wonders what would’ve happened had her mother stayed, she’s also wondered what life would be like for her if she’d gone with Zeldana.

Her father’s death, and the chaos which ensued, has left a lasting impression upon Kendra and led to her presence among the Sexy Six. During the past two months Kendra; lost her father, dealt with angry townspeople, made six friends, fought her zombified father, was possessed by Vesorianna, was almost been cursed, entered a romantic relationship, had numerous reoccurring nightmares, lost her romantic partner, left her home of fifteen years, testified at a murder trial, and been attacked by ghouls.

She likes the Sexy Six and she considers all of them to be her friends, however she does take some issues with Dardlara. She recognizes that Dard is older than herself and (presumably) wiser, but that doesn’t stop her from questioning the validity of the rogue’s actions. Her refusal to accept Isana’s Sexy Six pin, without the promise of help with the halfling’s resurrection, is another sore point between her and Dard.

-Friendship is Witchcraft;
Prior to Lamashan Kendra didn’t really have any friends. The subtle social nuances of friendship are mildly confusing to her and she wishes to investigate further. This is also a means to an end for her, as traveling with the Sexy Six provides her protection as she furthers her other goals.

-Achievement Get: Locate Life;
Kendra wants to figure out who she is. She knows what Petros raised her to be (a scholarly lady), but she also knows that she’s half-Varisian and she knows that some of her mother’s ways have stuck with her. She doesn’t know who she wants to be or what she wants to do.

-Locate Zeldana.

-Help the Beast.

-Resurrect Isana;
Kendra, for reasons unknown to others, feels partially responsible for Isana’s death. She was not surprised by the halfling’s death but she still feels great sorrow over it. While her resolve may waver regarding other aspects of her life, she’s steadfast about wanting Isana to be resurrected: though the reasons behind her conviction aren’t entirely clear to others.

-Resurrect Petros;
She’s actually iffy on this. She knows that her father had unfinished work and that he died before his time, but she also knows that he was getting on in years. She also doesn’t know whether the Whispering Way would come after him again if he was brought back, and she doesn’t know that she’d be able to deal with him being murdered a second time. Ultimately, she might leave this decision up to her friends.

Kendra Lorrimor

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