Bastards, Brawns, Balls, and Bears


Welcome to our new home page! I wasn’t sure if this site would make things easier, but I figured for those of us who were looking to learn and share more about our characters (and the adventure in general) it might help flesh things out.

This is the front page of our campaign and what the world sees when they first check it out. You can Click the ‘Edit this Page’ button below to update this page and give a description of our campaign.

Here we can post about each of our characters (including NPCs) as well as any stats and other supplementary info, as far as I can tell. We also can upload maps, images, and other wonderful extras to expand on our characters’ shared and individual worlds!
Hopefully this sounds fun to you.

We also may use this (if Celine is willing) to record our actual progress in-game. Apparently summary accounts are all the rage, and it would be nice to have a one-stop shop for archiving all our quests and shit.

Note from Celine: I’ve begun fleshing out the campaign notes. Anyone may add dialog/actions to the adventure logs should they so choose. Feel free to add more pretty pictures too: but please size and position them so that they fit. If, however, you wanna go into your characters own mind (at that moment) then I would suggest posting a journal entry for that character for the date/dates in question. As of 5/8/15 only our first session is fleshed out.

Basically, think of this site as a forum-slash-journal we all can share. I hope none of you are too scared of a little intimacy.

If this ever becomes applicable (I doubt it), here’s where we can alert each other to any significant changes on the site.

PS: I will be figuring out how to allow yall to change things at your leisure.

Contact Info
I don’t know how or even if this would be necessary, but in case we can’t use facebook or our phones for whatever reason I figured why not place emails here or something.

Finally, If yall think anything should be added here, I’m all for constructive (and destructive) criticism. I’m looking at you Devon.

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