Isana Hafwen

Itty-bitty Halfling Bard: Deceased as of Neth 15


Standing at 2’6” and weighing less than 30 pounds, Isana is a tiny halfling female with swarthy skin, rosy cheeks, and thick, dark tresses. Her eyes are a deep brown, almost black, and heavily lined with makeup; while they are naturally inviting and warm they’re often the first indication of trouble. Usually visible, her pointed ears are heavily pierced and bear many small metal hoops. Her right nostril is also pierced. The only other remarkable thing about Isana’s body is that she’s missing her pinky finger (and part of her ring finger) on her right hand.
When not in leather light armor, she usually wears a muted maroon tabard, decorated in traditional halfling vagabond style, over a loose white tunic and dark purple leggings. She has a corset she’s fond of wearing, but it’s never fully tightened. About her neck she wears two simple cord necklaces in addition to her ‘good luck’ charm: which is a small leather bag on a more intricately woven cord. Before her father died he gave her his sash, and she wears it like a bandana over her hair. Like most halflings, Isana refuses to wear shoes except under the direst of circumstances.


Isana is the younger of a set of identical twins, with Anasi the older of the pair. The pair was born minutes apart and were conjoined at the hand by a mangled lump of bony flesh. At first Isana was thought to have been stillborn. The pair were separated for fear that her necrotic flesh would kill her larger, healthier twin: the surgery was preformed immediately and resulted in her losing her right pinky, and part of her right ring finger, though Anasi lost more than half of her left hand. It was not until the two had been separated that Isana was discovered to be alive. Following the surgery, the bones they’d shared were cleaned and placed into a leather pouch as a luck charm.

Due to the death of their other children, Yildiz and Deniz had prepared to name their new child immediately following their birth– in hopes that it would strengthen the child such that they would not lose another. They named their youngest Isanaisandria Morrigan Hafwen while her older twin was dubbed Anaisandria Morrigan Hafwen. In part it was an adherence to tradition, as halfling vagabonds often name their twins after one another, in part it was because they’re prepared only one name, but mostly it was because they didn’t think Isana would live.
Whereas Anaisandria means a illusionist, mirror maker, or actor, Isanaisandria carries a different connotation as it means illusion of the illusionist, mirror of the mirror maker, pretender, or (sometimes) shapeshifter. The name is considered a shameful or dirty name, as it’s often bequeathed upon outsiders and exiles, and often Isana goes by the diminutive of her name (in part) because of it, as Isana (like Anasi or Anais) is a common diminutive for Anaisandria.


The Hafwen Clan, into which Isana was born, was of Varisian origin. The Clan spans back at least sixteen generations, to the 1st schism. Isana’s lineage can easily be traced back to the 2nd schism, though beyond that the details are murky and faint.
The 1st schism occurred when a Hafwen son decided to take a bride who was not approved: the two were exiled from the original Hafwen Band (which later died out) and began their own Clan of the same name.
The 2nd schism occurred when Iren and Elina Hafwen opposed settling down and left Varisia with their children and spouses. The 2nd schism Hafwen Clan has been in decline for many years, and its decline has been attributed to a curse laid upon the family: though whether the curse exists, and how it came to be, is unknown. After leaving Varisia, the 2nd schism began a traveling pattern about Lake Encarthan.

Isana and Anasi were born in Ardis, Pharast 15th, 4687. They travelled with the Clan (which presented itself as a circus) up until it disbanded in 4701. During their time traveling they met many new people and experience many things, most notably, the death of many family members. The death that impacted their future the most was that of their father, Deniz, who died in 4693. When the troupe disbanded, their mother, took them to Caliphas– where she’d met Deniz many years before –and she took up prostitution to get them by. However, Yildiz had never recovered from the tragedies of her life, and she often spent what she made on alcohol, leaving her daughters to (by and large) fend for themselves. The pair had a good friend in a halfling boy named Ranmir (or Rani) Khanadan. Unknown to Anasi or Yildiz, Isana and Rani were romantically involved and had been since they were fourteen.

In 4703 Anasi ran away without Isana. She was missing for almost two years before Isana, with the help of a cavalier named Vaulk, was able to locate her. In the year and a half before Isana left to find Anasi, she suffered more severe neglect at their mother’s hands. This neglect stunted her growth, physically and emotionally, and strengthened her desire never to be parted from her twin. Additionally, during that time, Rani announced his intentions in the form of a caling; but he was drowned shortly after.
It was during her and Anasi’s reunion that the pair met Professor Lorrimor, who was about to be mugged. Anasi took the rogue to bed, much to Isana’s chagrin, leaving Isana in the company of Professor Lorrimor for some time. The pair spoke of a wide arrange of subjects, and the Professor suggested that Isana attend university.

The pair returned to Caliphas. In 4706, their mother died of a heart attack during sexual intercourse. Her customer, at the time, reportedly paid double her usual rate and attended the funeral with mourners.
At that time, Anasi ran away for a second time. Isana drifted for over two years, looking for her twin and trying to find herself. At the end of that time, Isana was coming to terms with her life thus far, and was considering university: unfortunately, a thoroughly inebriated and troubled Anasi found her before she could enroll.

Her sister had changed, matured, during their time apart, and she found that her trust was not misplaced in her: Anasi’s rebellious streak had quelled. Anasi became a positive influence in her sister’s life, and encouraged her to improve her skills. She often urged Isana to have a life of her own, to speak up, and to do things she wanted to do. The pair travelled together, joining up with a circus called ‘Gorgon’s Hedge Traveling Band’, and they enjoyed a much stronger bond than they had since their own troupe has disbanded, until Anasi died in Pharast of 4711 shortly before the twins would’ve turned 24.

Up until recently, Isana blocked Anasi’s death from her memory and believed that the puppet she carried was her, severely crippled, twin. While she’s burned the puppet as an effigy of her sister, in accordance with tradition, she still keeps the bag of bones. Though she doesn’t remember exactly what happened to cause her sister’s death, she does recall much of it.
Isana knows Anasi died during an act. She remembers slipping from a tightrope and her sister grabbing her, and she recalls the sickening feeling of her sister’s body breaking beneath her as they hit the ground, but she remembers nothing else.
With her twin’s death, Isana is the last of the 2nd schism Hafwens. She is the default matriarch of the clan now.

On the 15th of Neth, Isana stole away from the group and a crocodile stole away with her body.

Ona sakhar Bandagann-Nephett; she walks the Bandagann wheel.

Isana Hafwen

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